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We'll schedule a no-obligation phone or video call to discuss your family's childcare needs and understand your candidate wishlist. You'll have a chance to ask any questions you have before completing your registration.


Once you're registered, your job will be live within 48 hours and we'll be off to the races!


Most families begin receiving candidate recommendations within about 2-3 weeks. With each recommendation, you'll receive 

information about a candidate's childcare philosophy, background and rates as well as a detailed personal assessment straight from Madison. 

If someone's profile interests you, we'll connect you with that candidate via email and let you get to know each other in the way that works for you.


Relax, we've got this!

We'll craft and publish a dynamic job description,  and take care of all the candidate intake which includes a personal interview, preliminary background check and reference check.

You'll receive your hand-picked candidate recommendations as they become available and complete our thorough vetting process.


When you're ready, NANNIES NORTHWEST will assist you with extending an offer and negotiating your terms, guide you through creating a written work agreement,  and advise you on how to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. You can count on our support for the length of your relationship with your nanny, and our industry-leading guarantee!


Your family's safety and satisfaction are my top priority at NANNIES NORTHWEST, and I

only represent candidates who I would want caring for my own children in my home.


Every candidate I recommend passes a thorough three-phase screening process, which includes:

Phase I: Application 

I recruit professional applicants who meet or exceed the following minimum qualifications:


- 2+ years of relevant childcare experience

- Ability to provide 3 glowing references

- Proof of US Work Eligibility

- 18 Years or older; most NNW candidates are 21+

- Thorough and thoughtful completion of our nanny questionnaire

- Ability to pass a comprehensive Background Check with flying colors

- Responsible driving history

- CPR Certified (or willing to become certified)


Phase II: Interview & Reference Checks

If an applicant meets my criteria for a match, they are invited for a personal interview. An interview is my greatest opportunity to really get to know a candidate! I sit down with them one-on-one to discuss their expectations and what they bring to the table. I also use this opportunity to assess their personality, and to ask questions to help us really get to know more about them as a professional nanny and as a person. After an interview, I will follow up with their references to verify their work history and discuss their strengths, work ethic and style, and any opportunities for improvement. I also run a preliminary background check to verify identity, criminal history, and sex offender registry status. Once an applicant's interview,  reference checks, and background check are successful, they are eligible for recommendation to my clients.

Phase III: Recommendation & Family Interview

When I meet a candidate who I determine to be an appropriate match for your family, you'll receive a formal recommendation from us that includes their profile information and my assessment of why they are a great potential fit for your needs. You'll have an opportunity to review this information at your convenience and decide if they are someone you'd like to get to know better in an interview. Should you decide to interview them, I'll connect you with them directly and facilitate the coordination of a meeting between you and your candidate of choice. If your meeting goes well, I'll walk you through the process of extending an offer, negotiating terms, creating a written work agreement and getting you set up for success as your begin your new partnership. 

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My commitment to your family doesn't end at "you're hired!". I am dedicated to the success of your placement and am here to support you and your nanny every step of the way. Whether you need help addressing a sensitive issue with your nanny, working out some employment kinks, or if you are just looking for some creative ideas to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day, I'm here to help. 


NANNIES NORTHWEST will take great care to provide your family with a qualified caregiver who is an excellent fit for the position they're hired for. Unfortunately, sometimes things just don't work out. I stand by our nanny team and truly care about finding just the right person for your family, so if within 60 days of hiring a nanny you decide that you'd like to make a change, NANNIES NORTHWEST will facilitate a good faith candidate search for a suitable replacement at no additional cost to you.

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